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Typeface Pr0n

As seen on the way to work - a lovely example of the typeface Optima.
(This is the title typeface used in the classic edition of the SF RPG Traveller. The body typeface was Univers.)

Saturday Night

Caspian stayed with S & A last night, so Susan, Annette and I hit the town. Short summary for posterity: Catch a free limo ride to Union & Fillmore
Several rounds of drinks at MATRIXFILLMORE
More drinking and some calamari at Betelnut
I dimly recall a bus ride back to Union & Grant
Drinks until last call at a bar on Grant - maybe Savoy-Tivoli ?
Walking home, a half block from our house we find that the folks renovating the former Buca Giovani are having a party... the basement is now a very bumping club. Annette convinces the doorman to waive the cover. Free drinks and dancing.(Hangover + headcold = !fun)

Singularity Isn't Sexy?

Via Sterling's Beyond the Beyond:
Why Chicks Don't Dig The Singularity
I admit, Susan mostly rolls her eyes at me.

Apple II Raycasting Demo

See on the USENET:
David Schmenk has written a raycasting demo - think Wolfenstein 3D - done on the Apple II using low-rez graphics. Seems to run at over 20Hz. Works great in an emulator. Awesomeness!
Rich, a frequent contributor to the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroups, has already written a level and texture editor:

Art Deco Walk To Work

In the vein of a Jeopardy "Before and After" category, I took photos of the Art Deco buildings I pass on my way to work if I take the Columbus/Broadway/Sansome route.
The Bank of America building is pretty darned cool. Not only does it have the imposing figures, but it's got that humongous burgular alarm.
If I come home via Sansome/North Point (a block out of my way now that the Francisco stairs are open again) I pass by the cinder block "North Point Water Treatment Facility" which has touches of Art Deco goodness, indicating that someone has taste even on a municipal budget. I'll take photos of that some time soon.

Windows Mobile "Soft Key" buttons

Perhaps this is obvious, but...
If you want to capture the Left/Right "Soft Key" buttons in a .NET application, add a handler to the KeyDown event of the Form, make sure there's no Menu, and look for F1/F2.
The gotcha that I ran into was looking for the KeyDown events on the (only) child control of the Form.
For example, for a fullscreen app: this.KeyDown += new System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventHandler( this.MyForm_KeyDown );
this.Menu = null;
this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;
private void MyForm_KeyDown( object sender, KeyEventArgs e ) {
 switch( e.KeyCode )
  case Keys.F1:
   // Soft Key 1, when there's no Menu
  case Keys.F2:
   // Soft Key 2, when there's no Menu