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Typeface Pr0n

As seen on the way to work - a lovely example of the typeface Optima . (This is the title typeface used in the classic edition of the SF RPG Traveller . The body typeface was Univers .)

Saturday Night

Caspian stayed with S & A last night, so Susan, Annette and I hit the town. Short summary for posterity: Catch a free limo ride to Union & Fillmore Several rounds of drinks at MATRIXFILLMORE More drinking and some calamari at Betelnut I dimly recall a bus ride back to Union & Grant Drinks until last call at a bar on Grant - maybe Savoy-Tivoli ? Walking home, a half block from our house we find that the folks renovating the former Buca Giovani are having a party... the basement is now a very bumping club. Annette convinces the doorman to waive the cover. Free drinks and dancing. (Hangover + headcold = !fun)  

Singularity Isn't Sexy?

Via Sterling's Beyond the Beyond : Why Chicks Don't Dig The Singularity I admit, Susan mostly rolls her eyes at me.

Apple II Raycasting Demo

See on the USENET: David Schmenk has written a raycasting demo - think Wolfenstein 3D - done on the Apple II using low-rez graphics. Seems to run at over 20Hz. Works great in an emulator. Awesomeness! Rich, a frequent contributor to the comp.sys.apple2 newsgroups, has already written a level and texture editor:

Art Deco Walk To Work

In the vein of a Jeopardy "Before and After" category, I took photos of the Art Deco buildings I pass on my way to work if I take the Columbus/Broadway/Sansome route. The Bank of America building is pretty darned cool. Not only does it have the imposing figures, but it's got that humongous burgular alarm. If I come home via Sansome/North Point (a block out of my way now that the Francisco stairs are open again) I pass by the cinder block "North Point Water Treatment Facility" which has touches of Art Deco goodness, indicating that someone has taste even on a municipal budget. I'll take photos of that some time soon.

Windows Mobile "Soft Key" buttons

Perhaps this is obvious, but... If you want to capture the Left/Right "Soft Key" buttons in a .NET application, add a handler to the KeyDown event of the Form, make sure there's no Menu, and look for F1/F2. The gotcha that I ran into was looking for the KeyDown events on the (only) child control of the Form. For example, for a fullscreen app: this.KeyDown += new System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventHandler( this.MyForm_KeyDown ); this.Menu = null; this.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized; private void MyForm_KeyDown( object sender, KeyEventArgs e ) {  switch( e.KeyCode )  {   case Keys.F1:   {    // Soft Key 1, when there's no Menu    ...    break;   }   case Keys.F2:   {    // Soft Key 2, when there's no Menu    ...    break;   }  } }