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Micronauts, Part Deux

Okay, so it turns out we'd dug them all out of storage, not just the Star Searcher. So how did my memory hold up? I finally know where all of the yellow parts are from - the almost vanished Rhodium Orbiter! The Crater Cruncher does have both scoop supports, and is in playable condition I'd tried to turn the Aquatron into the mission pod for a Nebula -class starship at some point, so I had to take it apart and put it back together. No harm done, but it's missing lots of pieces. Photon Sled - if you don't mind popping wheelies, it might be playable. Star Searcher - it's the one missing a scoop support, but otherwise stil unabashedly awesome ! The Interplanetary Headquarters is the mere potsherds of a lost civlization. Acroyear got in and out of the Star Searcher's hidden compartment one too many times and is down a leg. At least he came with prosthetic wheels! The Time Traveller is just a ghost of his former self. And to round it out, there's Battlest

Crap I had as a kid: Micronauts

In the new "Crap I had as a kid" category... with commentary that points out which of the removable parts went to the big sandbox in the sky first. Introducing the Micronauts ! Figures:  - clear - gray, still have the sarcophagus  - red; had way too much fun with this guy Vehicles:  - the body went AWOL. D'oh.  - stayed intact a rather long time  - lots its charm without the missile launchers  - pointy tip vanished first  - sadly, one of the scoop supports went first, which rendered the toy rather pointless Big vehicles:

Artistic talent (or lack thereof)

So I can't draw, but I was obsessed with Aliens (acid for blood, facehugger/chestburster... that kind) when I was attending University that I attempted some drawings. One graced the cover of a binder (yeah, the kind with a velcro closure on it). Somehow I managed to save the binder cover, and when I ran across it today I realized that the ink was fading badly so I scanned it. I only had a few minutes to play around in Photoshop, but here's the result. (The caption reads "ALIENS 4 - The Awakening" and "Last time was a dream/This time is a nightmare" - this dates from before Alien Resurrection came out, when fans of Aliens could still hope for a Dallas-style recovery from the disaster that was Alien^3 ).

Farthest N E S W

Sarah tried to start a meme using the mapping sites to track "Farthest North, East, South and West" you've travelled from your current location. My map is below. North: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada East: Nice, France South & West: Queenstown, New Zealand Note that the resulting shape isn't a convex hull of my travels. To do that it would have to include London, England and Hawai'i, USA. And yes, I could have done the map with New Zealand on the right, so I'd have a bigger area, but that would be cheating.

They don't have any protein!

In NZ we all shared a hotel room each night, so Caspian got used to sleeping close to us. Now that we're back he's had a hard time - his imagination is running strong, and so any little thing that wakes him up can trigger monsters (the bad kind, not like Cookie or Harry). Su was comforting him after a waking-up incident, and saying things like "you have your Care Bears here to protect you," which apparently lead to a conversation about what Care Bears ate. Susan said, "They eat cloud sandwiches" which lead to the quote: "But those are just made of air, they don't have any protein!" Susan then said she'd give him a magic "good witch of the North" kiss, to which Caspian responded: "But that's too powerful!" He also said he "couldn't be Luke [Skywalker] brave, but I can be shot brave, like when I was little and didn't cry when I got a shot." I also taught him a trick I learned (far too late, IMHO)