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Catching Up

Nothing big to report, but for posterity I should probably say something... At the end of January, my grandmother (June Fahey) passed away. I'd expected this for a long time... and basically dreaded phone calls from my parents for several years, anticipating the news. On February 8th we flew to Disneyland for the weekend, courtesy of a co-worker who has a small plane. Lovely flight down and back. Caspian enjoyed the Indiana Jones ride (finally tall enough!) but freaked out a bit in line the second time when the spiked roof started to descend. Ah well - we made it through. Will post pictures at some point. Caspian is taking ice skating lessons on Saturday afternoon, and having a great time. He's quite enthusiastic about it. Occasionally, he even listens to his instructor. He's still taking ballet on Mondays, but his yoga mat and clothes got left on a cable car, so Su took him to the dance store... and they came home with tap shoes. He's very excited about them. We&