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Caspian's understanding of rules

We were reading a pamphlet for a mini-golf place in Queenstown, and it said "Ages 5 and up." We explained this to Caspian and he said: "Can we cross it off? That would work, okay?" Meaning: if we cross it off the rules, and then show them the pamphlet, would it still apply? It turns out he was able to talk the nice person behind the counter into letting him play anyway. And, for tracking purposes, he ends a lot of sentences with "okay?" at the moment.

Back home

Free WiFi was sketchy from the hotels in NZ and we didn't want to take Su's laptop everywhere, so there wasn't a lot of travel blogging. Pictures to come, though.

In Auckland

Leaching WiFi in the hotel room while waiting for our first outing. (Hotel ethernet charges by the MB.) We got in to the airport at about 5:30, to the hotel by 6:15, and our room wasn't ready until 9:30 so we wandered down to the harbour to pass the time. The view from the hotel was worth the wait, though.

Offline for a bit (me, not the site)

We're taking off for a few days in Disneyland , followed by a few weeks in New Zealand . There's a chance we'll come back.

Closing on meme-completion: Sites, Foods, Places

Finishing up the meme : Four websites I visit daily - this is easy, since I use the IE "Links" toolbar and have a "Daily" folder with a handful of links I check once a day: flipCode  - a site for graphics, game and demo programming, but that closed its doors. So I'll sneak two answers in by listing its replacements in: and Traveller - Citizens of the Imperium forum - for Traveller geeks forum  - for Rubik's Cube and related puzzle geeks eBay - I'm usually watching at least a handful of auctions You may notice a trend: my daily sites are mostly fora which haven't made the leap to RSS yet, or where the value is in the visuals ("picture of the day") and links to sites, or where there's a need for interactivity. (I read most of my blogs offline on a PocketPC.) I keep my eye on Slashdot and digg  during idle moments too. Four of my favorite foods: Mexican Thai Salami on sourdough with

Four TV Shows, Four Vacation Spots

Four television shows I love to watch. We live through our Tivo, so in some ways this is easy: what's on our "season pass" list that hasn't been cancelled yet? My Name is Earl - I think this is the only network show both Su and I watch. Robot Chicken - The 1980's generation has so taken over. Where are those new episodes, though? Mythbusters - Not perfect, but better than the alternatives. Futurama - Okay, it's cancelled, but it's far more watchable than anything else on TV. Four places I have been on vacation: Cozumel, Mexico Kona Coast, Big Island, Hawai'i New Zealand (well, in a few weeks) Southeastern England (London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Hastings, etc)