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What is this "Live TV" of which you speak?

The programs our DVR is scheduled to record - links provided to the shows that you may not be aware of if you're consigned to the hell of American network programming:
Burn NoticeMonkPsychDoctor WhoMy Name Is EarlTorchwoodPushing Daisies (you cancelled Pushing Daisies - you bastards!)
MythBustersThe Graham Norton ShowDr. Phil (Su)ER (Su)Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Su)
House (Su)
The Simpsons (Su)
Robot ChickenShaun the Sheep (Aardman rocks! For Caspian)
Top GearWhat's My Line? (episodes, GSN rerun tracking forum - we're up to episode #421 - June 29th, 1958)
Robin Hood (Su thinks Robin of Locksley is hawt)
That Mitchell and Webb ShowThe Venture BrothersZoboomafoo (Caspian)Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Geeks <3 Summer Glau)
Nova (Caspian is such a geek!)
The Mentalist (Su)
Secrets of the Dead
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Su)
CSI: NY (Su)Worst Week (Su - Josh liked the UK version, but it's too painful to re-watch)Dirty JobsCSI (Su)
Law & Order (Su)