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Salvaging Prometheus

So Ridley Scott's Prometheus  was pretty bad. The whole movie hinged on the so-called "scientist" characters behaving in unprofessional and antisocial ways. This is compounded by scientific and logical flaws presented in the film itself and revealed in interviews that show that the film-makers (Scott and the screenwriters) are laughably ignorant of science and professional behavior. Can the mess be salvaged? Here's how I reconcile it. Warning: Spoilers ahead. First off, discard the notion that the Engineers are billions of years old and responsible for life on Earth. No starfaring civilization will last that long. Fortunately, the only hints that this is the case are the rather abstract title montage, the statements of a demonstrably duplicitous android, claims by the characters themselves who are established as being poor scientists, and interviews with the filmmakers (see above). Secondly, knowing that the android David has a hidden agenda, discard any of his