Paper and Pencil Space Combat Game


On my way to work this morning, I had an unprovoked flashback to a paper and pencil space combat game that I played with some of my classmates when I was in Grade 6 (circa 1982-83). It played like Space War or Asteroids!, but let two players simulate space combat on a piece of paper with pencils - just the technology available to us during classes at the time.

I did some preliminary Google searches, but I'm probably missing the right search terms. So I wrote up the rules as I remembered them (plus some gaming formalisms I've picked up over the years). You can find them here:

Paper and Pencil Space Combat Game

I think I'll have to wait about 6 months before I teach Caspian how to play. But then again, he picked up the concept of Pac Man enough to play it "live action" in a store a few months ago - we took turns being Pac Man and the Monster.


  1. I remember playing this back in the 80s as well. We'd use different variations, but it was essentially the same game.


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