Caspian Quote Of The Day

I was sitting with Caspian in his room, reading him some postcards he'd received in the mail. He's good with block printing, but handwriting is too much of a challenge for him to enjoy the content. He was being particularly wriggly. So I said:

"Caspian, you're very wiggly. Can you go potty?"
And so Caspian got up and headed to his bathroom. On the way he passed one of his toys - a piece of SWAG from TechEd 2005 which could loosely be described as an "octopus yo-yo" (there are several in the upper-left quadrant of this photo). From a previous toy of this sort which easily disassembled, we called it his "sea jelly".

So he picks up the toy and says:

"My jelly is very wiggly. It needs to go poo."
So he picks it up, takes it to the bathroom, gives it a turn on the toilet, then has his own turn.