Caspian's Halloween Costume

Caspian had asked for an R2-D2 costume for Halloween. No, he hasn't seen Star Wars yet. Maybe when he's 4, which is how old I was when I saw it. He does have some toys, though - under the Playskool "Galactic Heros" brand, Hasbro has some 3-and-up toys aimed to suck 'em in early. Plus, his friend Julian was going to be Darth Vader. (If you knew him...)

Anyway, so this has led to many nights of arts & crafts in the Bell household. We have impecable timing - finishing the night before the project was due, as always. At least we didn't start the night before.

Once the costume was complete, I took some photos. As Susan quipped, "before it can be damaged by the intended user?"

A brief materials list:
  • 12" concrete form tube, for the body
  • 1.5" think styrofoam insulation for the bulk of the legs
  • 0.25" foam-core board, for the leg surfaces
  • Plaster mask-making kit, for the head dome (done on a balloon)
  • Old bicycle helmet
  • Expanding foam insulation, to attach the dome to the helmet
  • Markers
  • Paint pens (for the silver and all dome colors)

We used a 6" Artoo figure as a model, and just did lots of guestimating.

I'll add photos of Caspian in it tomorrow (assuming the costume survives!)