Halloween 2005

Great success! Caspian loved his costume and enjoyed Trick-or-Treating at Microsoft, but he pooped out on the drive home and didn't do the "Candy, candy, candy!" thing when we back to our 'hood. Instead, he took a nap then watched some Nosferatu in our driveway in the rain.

What we do, you see, is set up our DVD player and projector in the garage, hang a sheet, and rear-project a horror movie onto it. Two years ago we did The Beginning Of The End  (a Burt I. Gordon film with giant locusts attacking scenic postcards); last year we did the Ed Wood film Plan 9 From Outer Space (which isn't as bad as they say!) This year, the silent classic Nosferatu with a great new orchestral score.


  1. The first picture is completely adorable!


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