Caspian + Star Wars

So we showed Star Wars (that's Episode IV) to Caspian a few nights ago, in two installments. It was the first time I'd watched the DVD, so my first re-exposure to the "Special Edition" since seeing in the theater in '97 (and yes, I know the 2004 DVD edition is different). The Jabba scene really detracts from the flow - the framing of the shot where Luke and Obi-wan first see the Falcon - a dramatic reveal of the ship - seems very out of place given that the audience has now seen the Falcon for several minutes. And the all-CGI effects (Jabba, Mos Eisley, Cantina aliens, the Rebel attack fleet, and so on) stick out like sore thumbs.

The minor fixes are appreciated, though, and seeing it again on a big screen - we have our projector set up so we've got about a 10' screen - remastered for the DVD shows just how well done the original film was. The cast is gorgeous, the lighting and sets are spectacular. Star Wars really does deserve all the fame it gets. In summary: Han shoots first, no matter what it shows on screen.

But anyway - Caspian enjoyed it. Susan kept telling him to "soak it in" rather than ask questions, but he did have one great comment early on, in the middle of 20 minutes of otherwise attentive silence:
Caspian: "See-threepio's a bad guy now."

Us: "Why?"

Caspian: "He put that guy on the fire."

Us: "Oh, he's cremating that dead Jawa so the bodies don't make people sick."

Caspian: "Oh."

And yes, he knows what that means - Su and Caspian took Mina's body in to be cremated. We picked up the ashes today.