Rolled up the King!

We have all the cousins and only need to find one more present, but Su and I hit a new milestone in We (Heart) Katamari last night - I successfully rolled up the King of the Cosmos.

If you haven't played Katamari Damacy, this doesn't make any sense.

If you have played Katamari but not the sequel, you're probably saying "Whaaaa?"

And if you've played We (Heart) Katamari, you probably got there long before we did. But boy was it nice to hit 3200m, bump into him and see him bouncing away before we rolled him up. Yay!

Anticlimactic, though. I was hoping we'd get to put dad in his place and start giving him an inferiority complex.

"There is no 'why' in Katamari." - Susan to Caspian