Tagged! Part one: Four Jobs

Oh crud, I've been tagged by Sarah. I'm going to have to spread this out a bit since life is a bit hectic. And I have a lousy memory.

Four jobs I've had, huh? I think I've only had four that have fallen off my resume:
  1. Writing software for my Junior High School - a hockey pool manager for my shop teacher, and an teacher/student optional course schedule manager for the school. (Speaking of Junior High School, that gives me my first tagee - Arif. I'll finish everything and then go tagging.)
  2. Page at the Calgary Public Library Periodicals Section, meaning I put magazines away. Lots and lots of cool archived magazines going back almost a hundred years, though.
  3. Help Desk Weenie at the University of Calgary. Trivia: I had exactly the same job as James Gosling of Java fame. When he first made the news, all of the staff told stories about him working at the help desk. Wow, I even worked on this - my first brush with the law.
  4. Part time liason/consultant between the U of C and Sun Microsystems of Canada. Hey, here's where I hosted Sun's satellite broadcast where they showed off this thing called Java, featuring some dude from a startup named Dimension X.
Oh dear gods below, here's an article I wrote in December 1995 with a photo. Avert your eyes! Thanks a lot, Sarah. I may never be able to surf the web again.

Next time: Four Movies - or, how geeky is Josh really?