Walking and Weirde

I'm in San Francisco for a few days. Su and Caspian came down early on Wednesday and spent Wednesday at Ocean Beach by way of the Arguello Super, I followed them down after work.

(Aside: the Arguello Super was half a block from where we lived in 96-97. We became big fans of their Dutch Crunch bread and Susan was particularly partial to their turkey sandwiches. We've raved about it to friends ever since then, and tell everyone we know who goes to SF to stop by. Their bags now say "Home of the world famous turkey sandwich" - I'd like to think we contributed to that.)

On Thursday I was off on my own and took some bad mobile phone pictures in North Beach and the Financial District; they took the cable car and bus out to Golden Gate Park (with another stop at Arguello Super). I joined them shortly after lunch and we wandered around until we found the Carousel (not open yet) and playground (under construction) then back to the Conservatory of Flowers.

Now, bear in mind that this was only about three blocks from our apartment, but had been closed since 1933. It's open now - way cool! Susan took some amazing pictures which I'll stick up soon.

One of my tasks, while we're hear, is to take pictures of landmarks from the most important book we ever read about San Francisco: Dr. Weirde's Weird Tours: A Guide to Mysterious San Francisco. Honestly, I don't know how anyone in this city can survive without it.

Tomorrow: POFA