Crap I had as a kid: Micronauts

In the new "Crap I had as a kid" category... with commentary that points out which of the removable parts went to the big sandbox in the sky first.

Introducing the Micronauts!

Figures: - clear - gray, still have the sarcophagus - red; had way too much fun with this guy

Vehicles: - the body went AWOL. D'oh. - stayed intact a rather long time - lots its charm without the missile launchers - pointy tip vanished first - sadly, one of the scoop supports went first, which rendered the toy rather pointless

Big vehicles: - coolest thing ever! I just dug this out of storage and when Caspian is due for a toy swap he can play with it. I think I still have most of this.

Playsets: - Ah! I finally know what toy those little black accessory connectors are for! I'm sure my parents' house is still littered with them. Trivia - the large dome is traced with lines that are a pretty close approximation to R2-D2!

Big thanks to my parents who somehow managed within their tight budget to give me hours of fun and memories.