Micronauts, Part Deux

Okay, so it turns out we'd dug them all out of storage, not just the Star Searcher.

So how did my memory hold up?
  • I finally know where all of the yellow parts are from - the almost vanished Rhodium Orbiter!
  • The Crater Cruncher does have both scoop supports, and is in playable condition
  • I'd tried to turn the Aquatron into the mission pod for a Nebula-class starship at some point, so I had to take it apart and put it back together. No harm done, but it's missing lots of pieces.
  • Photon Sled - if you don't mind popping wheelies, it might be playable.
  • Star Searcher - it's the one missing a scoop support, but otherwise stil unabashedly awesome!
  • The Interplanetary Headquarters is the mere potsherds of a lost civlization.
  • Acroyear got in and out of the Star Searcher's hidden compartment one too many times and is down a leg. At least he came with prosthetic wheels!
  • The Time Traveller is just a ghost of his former self.
And to round it out, there's Battlestar Galactica the way it was meant to be - modular almost-Vipers and Daggits!