Caspian and IKEA

We stopped by IKEA today which was a bad idea - it's a holiday weekend, but we survived and didn't buy too much. 

Caspian had waffled on the thought of going into the ball room, and initially balked but once we were passing it at the halfway mark he decided to go for it. Susan signed him up and checked him in, and then we watched him for a bit.

I noticed that he still had two toys with him - a toy car key remote and a toy cell phone, both recent acquisitions deemed "not too annoying" by Susan. I was imagining these falling out of his pockets in the ball pit, never to be seen again. We tried to catch his attention and mime "phone" to him, but it didn't work - and the window was soundproof.

Then I had a sneaky idea. I pulled out my Pocket PC and wrote a note: "Give your phone to the red lady", then held it up to the glass. He noticed, came over, read it, then immediately called over one of the red-shirted attendants and handed her the phone and keys and pointed at us. She got the picture and relayed them out of the playground area to us while Caspian got back to playing.