Caspian and the Mouse

Caspian has a Mac SE in his play area. We just have MacPaint and MacWrite on it, so he can use it productively.

Yesterday he was being frustrated by the unresponsive mouse. I opened it up to take a look. The ball was looking particularly sad (it was a black and resiny, definitely looking aged) and Caspian said "Oh, I know.. I'll get the other ball!"

As an early toy I'd given Caspian an old dead mechanical Microsoft mouse, sans cord. After a few months it went to the trash heap in the sky, but he kept the rubberized ball since it was fun to roll.

He dug it out of one of his toy boxes lickety-split, popped it in the mouse, and as he had predicted the responsiveness was much improved.

Score one for the 3-year old.