Partly inspired by the "incident" at IKEA (but I had the idea a long time ago) I put together a quick Pocket PC app to "marquee" messages across a room. It simply scrolls a message you specify across the display in a continuous loop, like the MARQUEE tag (IE-only) or the Marquee screen saver in Windows.

The display is double-buffered and the UI is optimized for WM5.0:
  • Edit - launches a dialog that lets you edit the text to display
  • Menu - shows the following options
    • Bigger - Increase the text size by 25%
    • Smaller - Decrease the text size by 20%
    • Faster - Increase the scroll speed by 25%
    • Slower - Decrease the scroll speed by 20%
(There's no "exit" option per Pocket PC / Windows Mobile UI guidelines - when not showing, the app consumes minimal resources and will be shut down by the OS when memory is needed.)

Right now the app always starts up with "Hello, world!" as the text and the text is not persisted to the registry. I'll add that if anyone actually uses this.

It requires the .NET Compact Framework 2.0

Still with me? Grab the app at: