Good day with the dog

Not a terribly exciting day, but pretty relaxing.

I took Nika for a walk first thing (that's 10am), and we headed straight north to Fisherman's Wharf. Rather than diverting to the usual directions (either towards Pier 39 or Fort Mason) I just kept going through the parking lot. Little did I know there's a submarine parked there open for tours every day, and a "liberty ship" (assisted at the landing at Normandy in WWII). Huh... well then, there's something to do with Caspian when he's back.

The next pier over from that is just a tiny little spur that's got a big bell on it (which used to be at the Embarcadero Ferry Building), but no docking positions. It was completely empty except for Nika and I - the whole pier. A nice sit in the sun, watching the bay, all to ourselves. Nice.

Home again, after grabbing some pearl tea (for me) and some bloodworms (for the mollusc).

I puttered around for a bit at home, then took Nika up to Michaelangelo playground for a walk. Also completely deserted, at 1pm on a Sunday. Really weird. Nika had a nice time just exploring at her own pace. I had a head-slapping moment vis-a-vis the Applesoft interpreter... apparently I've been using environments that don't support exceptions for a little too long. D'oh. Anyway, it's much happier now... lots of bug fixes, support for arrays and string variables work completely now. I even have it running a 1D cellular automata simulation. It's slower at that than a real (well, emulated-at-normal-speed) Apple II for some reason, though, which is somewhat disturbing. It's not churning memory, so I suspect it's just the expense of the expression evaluation call depth. WSH really can't talk to the Console APIs (without shims that no-one has written in 5 years) so I guess the next step is to bolt it onto a web page to do anything fancy.

(Future step: have it compile the Applesoft into JavaScript. Perhaps that'll be a goal for the next vacation.)

Did some shopping in the evening, and came home, ate dinner, watched TV with the dog. Then Futurama was on... but it was the one with the dog, so I had to turn it off.