Random SF Photos

Various photos taken via my phone camera arond the Bay Area.

"We Are No Longer the Knights Who Say 'Ni'" - this was tied to a tree in a grove on the Berkeley campus, along with several other variations of the phrase. It was obviously part of a puzzle hunt. I'd sat down to read some books I'd picked up nearby and there was a regular flow of students coming past to take notes.

"This is Your Utopia - It Sucks" - sign seen by a garbage can on Columbus

"Space Invaders" - saw this Atari 2600 cart in front of the Crystal Towers apartments on Taylor while walking the dog. Moments later, the next person to walk by stopped and picked it up.

"Red Tailed Hawk on Jansen Street" - it was hunting a pigeon that was trapped with a plastic bag around the neck. An onlooker freed the pigeon, and the hawk hung around for a bit looking disappointed.

"Meow" - sidewalk graffiti

"Cruise Ship" - seen on my walk home. Just to give a sense of scale.

"Better Be a War" - political commentary via pie charts. Sweet.