Random Updates

Reading Light - we've gotten Caspian a reading light for his bed. He usually gets about 20 minutes after we tuck him in (after half an hour of family story time) for him to read by himself. He's really, really into it. He'll read a few chapters of whatever book he's working on at the moment, and often say "just three more pages!" when it's time for lights-out.

Sleeping with the Fish – we did a sleepover at the Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39, since it's just a 10 minute walk from our house. Overall: meh. Cool to camp out in the underwater tunnel and watch fish and sharks swim overhead, but lots of down sides too. Kept the kids up later (lights out around midnight); Caspian was the youngest there (we cheated - although we preferred he dodge the question, he "rounded up" and said "5" when asked; when cornered, he said he'd turn 6 on his next birthday); activities were a bit dry and scattered. Bathrooms were an elevator ride (with escort) away in the middle of the night. Caspian didn’t sleep well. Ah well - something to do once.

Velcro Man! - I've discovered my super power. WARNING: ENTERING THE "TO MUCH INFORMATION" ZONE. I have really dry skin on my feet. Really, really dry. After Susan suggested I attack them with a pummice and I applied some lotion, they felt much better. But I noticed that I tended to slip around on carpets a whole bunch. Suddenly it all becomes clear - dry feet are a mutant adaptation for modern living. Huzzah! Sorry, I had to share.

Zoinks! - After Caspian heard the Scooby Doo, Where Are You? theme song on a cartoon themes CD we had, he started asking about it. Luckly, one of the 'toon networks had a marathon recently so we DVR'd it. He's been watching one before and one after school. It's great to see him honestly laugh at the slapstick humor. He's also built a "ghost trap" in the hall with a stool, pillow, towel, paper bag, and electric fan. W00t! He's into the 1970 episodes now which are the first to feature the recurring hallway/door chase gags, all set to groovy music of course.

Apple II Forever - There's a new 1.14.0 Beta of AppleWin (Apple II emulator for Windows) available that (finally!) adds mouse emulation. Yay! Source code available too. Since I always forget, I've submitted a patch that tells you how to get out when the mouse has been "captured" for emulation (Ctrl+Click).

You Know You're Getting Old When - we got Mary Poppins on Netflix for Caspian, and watched it. It was the first time Su and I had watched it together, and possibly even independently the whole way through. As it was ending and a tear came to Mary Poppins' eye, I knew I was getting old when I thought "Hey, Julie Andrews is kinda cute." (For reference, she'd have been 29 when it was released.)