Applesoft Interpreter Update

I blogged about it previously, but one side project I have going on is an Applesoft interpreter in Javascript

I've been adding updates to the page as I went, and it's getting pretty complete at this point. Worth calling out:
  • It has DOS emulation (basically, you can use ye olde PRINT CHR$(4) trick to open and read text files)
  • Joystick and Paddle support (using on-screen controls)
  • Low resolution graphics (40x48)
  • PEEK/POKE emulation for the keyboard and display strobes, so you can do asynchronous input, e.g. games
  • Tested on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari (Windows)
There are two samples - DEMOS (which is a collection of test samples) and TRADER (which was the point of the whole exercise)

Check it out!