Catching Up

Nothing big to report, but for posterity I should probably say something...
  • At the end of January, my grandmother (June Fahey) passed away. I'd expected this for a long time... and basically dreaded phone calls from my parents for several years, anticipating the news.
  • On February 8th we flew to Disneyland for the weekend, courtesy of a co-worker who has a small plane. Lovely flight down and back. Caspian enjoyed the Indiana Jones ride (finally tall enough!) but freaked out a bit in line the second time when the spiked roof started to descend. Ah well - we made it through. Will post pictures at some point.
  • Caspian is taking ice skating lessons on Saturday afternoon, and having a great time. He's quite enthusiastic about it. Occasionally, he even listens to his instructor.
  • He's still taking ballet on Mondays, but his yoga mat and clothes got left on a cable car, so Su took him to the dance store... and they came home with tap shoes. He's very excited about them. We'll see how this goes.
  • Susan has two new post-partum doula clients, one for just a couple of visits, the other for a full run.
  • The map site has been where my hobby-project time has been going. The blog has details on recent work.
  • I picked up the first two boxed sets of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. It's been airing weekly on the History Channel... but for some reason they're showing only every other episode. I miss the "old Indy" intros, but it was hard to follow the story arc as originally presented. The episode I'm watching now (Prague 1917) features Lord Percy from Blackadder II as Franz Kafka, and could be titled Indiana Jones and the Terrors of Bureaucracy.