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So yeah, I got an iPhone

First off, sorry friends & family for not blogging in a while. I'm more actively using these nowadays: Twitter: (microblogging - stream-of-consciousness stuff) Flickr: (photos) Both of which I can send content to easily and directly... from my shiny new iPhone! Yes, I caved. I picked up the 16GB model on Jan 27th, a few days before we took a short trip to Disneyland. I'd spent the previous few days borrowing a technology-demo unit from a co-worker, and after getting over the initial hurdles I was, of course, hooked. So how does it stack up against my Mobile Device Needs and my previous device ? Caveat: In December I put a hacked WinMo 6.1 ROM on my old HTC Apache to give it a temporarily fresh new life. It greatly improved the experience, but it was still a big slow old brick. Clock - better than WinMo; touch the power button the the screen is on instantly, and you never have to wait a