Nebula Class Toybash

This project has been on my TODO list for many years. I finally dusted off the pieces last weekend and took it to a reasonable stopping point. At least, for a few more years.

It's a conversion of a Playmates Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D into a Nebula-class ship. I'd picked the ship up on eBay ages ago, and separated(poorly!) the hulls, but then it sat for a few years.


The hulls are joined together by screws inside the secondary hull, so it can be disassembled for further work. The wiring and electronics are intact. The sound effects buttons are in pairs, and there wasn't room for one of them, so only two buttons/sounds remain. I swapped the button leads around so it has "photon torpedo" and "jump to warp" as the functional SFX. The nacelle lighting also still works. (Not shown in pictures.)


Since this is a kitbash, it diverges from the actual Nebula-class design, and more closely resembles the Nebula-class prototypes used as background set props and graveyard ships in episodes of TNG and DS9. Specifically, the secondary hull is too pointy and the nacelles/pylons are too far back.

above left

The junction between the primary and secondary hull has a gap - it required significant eyeballing to get the cut lines right. I'd also completely removed the "cobra head" portion of the neck from the lower half of the hull, so it was actually a matter of figuring out how much to reattach. The undercut at the bottom of the secondary hull (where the nacelle pylons used to attach) is covered with an as-yet un-detailed polystyrene plate.


The TODO list for the far distant future includes:
  • Custom labels (so it doesn't say NCC-1701-D / U.S.S. Enterprise)
  • Greeble and paint the secondary hull undercut
  • Build a "mission pod"


  1. I've just acquired a couple of extra Playmates Enterprise Ds and I'm considering a Nebula or Future Enterprise toybash such as this. Do you have any updates on how you got on with you later plans, i,e, the "mission pod" etc?

    1. No progress to report, sorry!

      Too many other projects, not enough time.

      Good luck with yours and please share any links when you've got something to show off!


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