Mobile Device Needs

I guess I should enumerate what needs I have for a mobile device. At the very least, this will remind me what software I need to purchase and/or re-install after an upgrade. In rough priority/usage order...
  • Clock - I don't carry any other timekeeping devices
  • Google Calendar - bi-directional sync for agenda display and reminders - we use GCal at work; my phone tells me where to go and when.  I use OggSync currently.
  • Contacts - my wetware is useless
  • Personal Email - I use Hotmail (premium); I access it through Pocket IE and the mobile site, since sync is VERY SLOW
  • RSS Feeds - I use Ilium Software's NewsBreak to sync about 60 feeds
  • Web browsing - for checking things that don't have feeds, and answering rhetorical questions
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • Telephone - yes, it's only here on the list.
  • Google Maps
  • Today's weather/weekly forecast
  • Calculator
  • Work Email - I manually sync but only when off on vacation; I try not to take work home with me. We use IMAP.
  • SSH client - for work use, in emergencies. Currently PockeTTY
  • IRC client - for work use, in emergencies. Currently zsIRC
  • Ebook reader - I use MobiPocket and Adobe Reader
  • Picture viewer - wrote my own that's gobs better than the one WM comes with and has "touch scrolling"
  • Video player - currently PocketTV
  • Camera - my current phone's camera is sucktastic so I rarely use it, but it would be nice to ditch another device
  • Games - Solitaire, Marble Madness, Bubble Breaker, Age of Empires, Darxide EMP
  • Astronomy - my own celestial sphere app, to identify stars
  • Marquee - my own app, for communicating across crowded rooms
  • Flash player - for things like Samorost - via Adobe FlashLite, Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and FlashAssist
  • Music player - again, I currently use a dedicated device
I think that's it - the other things I have installed are infrastructure to make the device work or make the device usable: