"Halo Mobile"

A game technology demo I wrote as a hobby project circa 2003-2005.

Uses FMOD for audio, GapiDraw for 2D, custom 3D software rendering engine integrated with a custom voxel terrain engine. Music is from the Halo soundtrack (by Martin O'Donnell). Weapon graphics and SFX are borrowed from the Halathon project. Sprites are adapted from photographs of Joyride toys. Custom physics engine (you can see it when a weapon is dropped or how the grunts recoil from each other).

The demo is shown running on a 400MHz HTC Apache (but it ran just fine on the 300MHz Dell Axim X5 I had during active development). I apologize for poor filming.

No, this will NEVER be released or made available for download. Halo is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.