It's okay to hate

In contemporary society, it's unacceptable to portray any particular group of people as fundamentally evil in mainstream movies. No matter how noble the hero, he or she can't go around mowing down the antagonists with a machine gun because they can't be that bad. Perhaps this goes too far, too "P.C." in some contexts, but the respect we've achieved for other groups of humans (which admittedly may waver from time to time) still points to this being a pretty darn empathic apex in our checkered history.

But there are two exceptions - two groups of people who it is acceptable to loathe, revile... even outright hate.

  • Nazis
  • Zombies

This movie, therefore, is perfect:

+1 point for the Evil Dead reference. +1 for the Indiana Jones reference. Dead Snow (a.k.a. Død Snø). Check it out.

c/o Twitch and Via IO9.

But if we're talking about inhuman monsters, then surely invaders from space count too?

Iron Sky - pulpy art deco in space. Evil art deco...