Y2K8 - Zune Doom

A few years ago, Susan came home with a Zune for Caspian's music playing needs. (This followed a Creative Zen that lasted a few years then went to silicon heaven, and an iPod that lasted about 1 day before Su's patience ran out - Apple UI just rubs her the wrong way.) A Zune? Well... I bit my tongue. Microsoft has done some good hardware from time to time, after all (keyboards, mice, I even liked the routers).

Today at around 8am, Caspian shouted down that it was just showing a line, and not starting. We tried running down the battery and recharging, but no change. Just now I was reading my blogs, and Slashdot reported that we weren't alone. Apparently, today is Y2K8 Global Meltdown day for Zunes.

The leading speculation is that the Zunes have a leap-day bug - today is the 366th day of the year, which may trip some bug when the firmware reads the hardware clock value.

Hopefully, tomorrow the Zunes will rise from the grave... and not be craving tasty brains.