What is this "Live TV" of which you speak?

The programs our DVR is scheduled to record - links provided to the shows that you may not be aware of if you're consigned to the hell of American network programming:
Vague statistics (non-exclusive):
  • 4 shows exclusively for Caspian
  • 11 shows pretty much exclusively for Susan
  • 6 science/technology/geeky shows
  • 8 shows from the UK
  • 2 animated shows for adults
  • 4 "cable" shows (drama/comedy)
  • 4 "network" shows that Josh actually watches


  1. I was so sad about Pushing Daisies, too! What a great show! I'm also thinking about getting a DVR, mostly for "What's My Line?" :P Thanks, guys! I'm hooked.


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